About Us


Express Hair Supplies is a young and upcoming company that is evolving in the industry to deliver affordable brands quickly to customers. Everyone is moving at a frantic pace and they want their items promptly. We endeavour to deal with orders the same day or next business so as to have them ready for couriers to deliver as quickly as possible.

Australia produces an array of lovely hair and beauty products for the professional salons with the likes of Vitafive, RPR, ARTAV, SO Salon Only and more but these can be complimented with eurpean brand names to give the Australian public a much more varied choice of hairdressing products. People in todays society want trust in the companies they are purchasing their goods from and to know that they will receive the goods in a timely fashion.  We are constantly striving to achieve this concept.

Express Hair Supplies has a vision, we started our company with an objective to identify if consumers really appreciated customer service by opening an ebay store. Initially there were mixed results though as time went by, more and more customers were returning. Our hard work was being noticed, customers were grasping that the cheapest is not always the better option, they were connecting with our company and showing their support. I learnt a valuable lesson that people do care, a sale is not just a sale, one can connect with their customers and it can be an experience even when it is as simple as a shampoo and conditioner.